So Texas

So Texas

Yesterday I saw a Coyote dart across the road. And I got stuck behind an empanada truck on my way home from work. Something about these experiences struck me. Coyote + empanada truck.  They were so Texas. These kinds of things would never happen in Georgia.


I’ve been bouncing around ideas for a new series of posts on this blog and I think I’ve finally figured it out. I’m going to write a few posts exploring items and experiences that are associated with Texas. And boy are there a lot of things I want to explore. I still haven’t tried Big Red. But I did tour Shiner Bock last week. And I was mildly addicted to Dr. Pepper as a child.  So what do you think? A series of posts about food, places, events, and people that fall under the description of “So Texas.” And guess what? I just purchased a 2-liter of Bed Red and I’m eager to try it. So be on the lookout for the first post in the series soon.


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